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Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Cantabrian Mountains and bathed by the waters of the Ebro River, rests the medieval town of LaGuardia. In these amazing surroundings, where some of the best vineyards of the Rioja Alavesa are found, lies the Las Orcas winery.

Originally founded as a family-run winery after the marriage of Cristina San Pedro and Raimundo Abando in 1994, and with the assistance of Miguel Llorente and the expertise of enologist Chema Pangua. They have combined old family vineyards, tradition and hard work coupled with modern technology and innovation to produce the magnificent present day wines of Bodegas Las Orcas.

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We have more than 2000 square meters divided into three main plants, plus offices and laboratories. The three plants are individually used for the production or young wines, crianza and reserve wines, and finally for the ageing process, where we have a capacity for 2.000 American and French oak barrels. One of the plants houses the machine used for bottling. In the heart of the winery we have a very special room that perfectly recreates a typical antique winery. Here we perform the tastings of our wines, in addition to the offices and laboratories located in this area.

At this moment we are elaborating six different wines: White, rose, young wines, crianzas, reserves, and Pagos de Valderorca with the following types of grapes: tempranillo, graciano, garnachas y viura.

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Bodegas las Orcas

Bodegas Las Orcas, S.L.

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